About Us

MesaTech has provided both standard and customized retail store supplies in both the Financial sector and C-store sector for nearly two decades. During this time, we have come to learn and influence many different businesses. MesaTech’s reputation in the Industry has been built on the foundation of customer satisfaction, ethical standards and community involvement.

Currently our business is spread throughout the U.S. and we continue to work towards expanding our presence in our two channels. Our product lines have been established with the idea of getting consumers the products they need when they need them; this is what drives us today. Past, present, and future is all taken into account and we have learned to continue to adapt to the current trends and future trends. MesaTech is proud to offer a diverse range of products that our customers continually look to, to get the businesses where they desire to be.


MesaTech is family owned and operated; focused on business success through social responsibility.



MesaTech is primarily a consultant service. After 20+ years of seeing customers struggle with the challenging category of store supplies, we offer supply consolidation as our number one service. With chain acquisitions and sales, our customers are sometimes stuck with a “hodge podge” of supply items, various brands of dispensers, and overall confusion. Our job is to provide the correct product for the correct dispenser, even sometimes changing out the dispensers so that the entire line is the same.


MesaTech provides a full line of paper and plastic products that complement our chemical cleaning program. Simplification is the key word to describe our “ready to use” MPact cleaning supplies. With no mixing or measuring, an easy color coded system, and wall charts showing step by step instructions, keeping store surfaces and restrooms gleaming is easy.

Store Culture

Adoption is the key to success at store level. We provide training classes with our video presentations to store managers, along with supporting materials. Our staff of field trainers endeavor to instill our “Front to Back” culture, since a disorganized backroom will translate to the store front. Incentives can be provided for “inspections ready” presentation.


Since we currently serve several large chains (references upon request), getting to know our customers, what they like and how they work is the path we desire. Using our customized digital catalog to see store supply items takes the guesswork out of ordering at store level. From your maintenance team to your top executives, we want to be your working partner.


We support your charitable events and invite you to ours. We also provide a comprehensive volume discount rebate, as we work through your wholesaler to make sure you have detailed reporting. When annual budgeting time rolls around, you will know exactly where your stand on store expenses.

We have a full line of retail store supplies, from pump island squeegees, to stainless streel cleaners that make your drink dispensers shine. We would love an opportunity to discuss how our program works.